Deathproof is one tight knit, weird lookin' family of industrious music lovers combining an absolute bounty of professional and personal experience to offer a veritable shitstorm of skills for Australian and international clients.




Good old fashioned public relations are our bread and butter, our plat principal, our livelihoods. Honed in the fields of music, but happily extended into the realms of comedy and the arts our skills and contacts stretch across many disciplines.


We know how to throw a party, execute a badass runsheet and capture it all in high-res. We quickly realised events were second nature when a casual Christmas Party generated almost too much buzz, if you catch our drift. 



Deathproof runs social media accounts for the most random, diverse range of clients, that you’ll have a hard time finding a common theme apart from some very meticulously kept Facebook accounts with killer engagement statistics.



We have in-house design services that ensure that our clients look good at every turn. The professional equivalent of a killer Snapchat filter, our creative makes you look reeaal pretty. 



Our knowledge of the Aussie media landscape and the quickest route from Sydney Airport to Channel Nine studios means that we can plan and execute anyone's press days with pleasure.