Deathproof is one tight knit, weird lookin' family of industrious music lovers combining an absolute bounty of professional and personal experience to offer a veritable shitstorm of skills for Australian and international clients.


And before you ask, yes, the name is inspired by the excellent Tarantino flick about audacious babes driving sweet cars and seeking violent revenge on devious super villains. Isn't that how everyone gets their business name?

Originally started as Deathproof PR in 2011, the company was the culmination of lofty dreams conceptualised over a share house kitchen table. After founders Bec Reato and Emily Kelly jumped ship on their record label jobs to give self employment a crack, the industry called immediately, lending them work on huge arena tours (Avenged Sevenfold, 2011), niche punk rock releases (Northlane, 2011) and soon someone even let them run Soundwave’s on-site publicity for it’s mammoth 2013 tour. Though at the time seasoned PR professionals, they still giggled like tipsy schoolgirls when they met James Hetfield.

Want to know more? Rest your eyeballs on one of these Deathproof interviews...

Rebecca Reato
Director, Publicity and Operations

Born and bred in outback Broken Hill, but now happily spreading her time between Melbourne and Sydney, Bec boasts a Bachelor of Business and many years of experience wrangling talent and managing promotional campaigns for the likes of Sony Music, EMI Music and Shock Records. She’s bossy as hell but with brains to match so kinda the exact kind of person you want on your team.  

Emily Kelly
Director, Publicity and Creative

After nabbing a fancy looking Bachelor degree in media, Emily has worked in the Australian music industry for over a decade. She initially cut her teeth as an overeager fan girl in the Shock Records PR department where she once requested that she be added to a door list with a ‘plus six’. ’Keezy’ is also a widely published music writer who lends her copy savvy and dedication to a deadline to almost every Deathproof project.


Naomi Lee Beveridge
Creative Assistant

New to the Deathproof team in 2018, Naomi draws her skills and experience from a huge variety of past professional roles - from digital agency work at an executive level to being one of Melbourne’s most renowned music photographers, on top of living and breathing that music stuff as the most committed punter you’ll meet. She’s a Swiss army knife of skills, with work everywhere you look - community radio, Meredith Music Festival, from Beat to Pitchfork, and now part of our very own crew.

Dean Reeve

New to the Deathproof team in 2017 but by no means unfamiliar with the company, Dean’s been working unofficially on Deathproof since conception. The brains behind the company’s rebrandings, Dean’s pretty much the reason we look so cool. He brings ad agency big guns together with his own quirky nuance to create and coordinate some incredible work. A frenzied music fan, he also probably heard of your favourite band at least six months before you did, so pick his brain for recommendations sometime.